Attn Fathers: Take pictures of your wives with the kids


I look back and realize majority of the pictures I have with my son are “selfies”.  I’m glad this option exist because it’s all I have. I mean, I guess we are in the era of selfies but later when this phase passes in our society my son is going to look back and laugh at how all the pictures of us are selfies. I mean I look back at the pictures from my childhood and wonder why people also stood in door ways with this hands straight down to their side…always in posing mode.

Fathers, take pictures of your wives (yes, even when we say we look ugly). Capture those moment that we have with our children because selfies just don’t cut it. Most of the time we are too busy in the moment to stop and ask for a picture so step up and do it for us.

Here are some ideal moments to get that brain inside of that noggin thinking…

  • When shes feeding him/her
  • When they are playing together on the floor
  • When he/she is laughing because mom hit her head or something silly
  • When mom is covered in spit up (ha this would be a funny memory later down the road)
  • When your wife is rocking the kid to sleep (there is a good chance they are both passed out on that chair so she’ll never know you are taking pictures)

So put that remote down or hey you probably already have your phone in your hand so look up occasionally and snap some pictures. You will all be thankful later.




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