Franklin Funk | The Journey to Four Months

Let’s just get it out there right away. Motherhood is hard. Very hard. The first few months is the hardest…then again it is all I know right now. You have to learn what your baby likes and dislikes and how they communicate those things to you with no words. It’s a challenge but it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

First month was rough trying to figure out how to breastfeed, realizing breastfeeding wasn’t going to work then finally coming to terms with exclusively pumping for him. Once we got that system down life got better. Still a lot of waking up through the night and learning what his cries meant. We had him in our room at night so pretty much no one slept a full night in the house…even the dog. For the longest time it still felt like we were on an extended babysitting gig and reality didn’t fully hit that this is our child.



Month Two got easier once we decided to put him in his room at night. We got more sleep at night which led to happier parents throughout the day. He started to smile and interact more which made the whole process of caring for this newborn a little more rewarding. This was the month we started to realize how intense his Torticollis was, as you can see in the pictures above. Still felt like we were on a grand babysitting journey though.


Month Three started a new chapter to this journey as he was officially in daycare and I was back at work. Gone were the days I could take a nap with him when we were both up all night. Now, I just grab an extra cup of coffee at work to make it through the day. Sound familiar to you new moms? Don’t worry, your body will adjust. Franklin also started Physical Therapy every other week to help straighten out his neck and give him more strength to eventually move around on his own.


Size: 19.13 lbs & 26 inches | 6-9 month clothes

Month Four is where life is getting much easier with this chunky monkey. He started eating solids, Sweet Potatoes are his favorite so far. Some days he still wants nothing to do with the solid food but other days I can’t spoon it fast enough.  He got his helmet for his “Flat Head” on the 15th and didn’t seem to be bothered by it much. Physical Therapy has helped a bunch but he still needs help with his melon so we are hoping the helmet does the job.  Franklin has become more aware of his surroundings and loves to watch the dog walk around. At this point every week feels different from the last as we watch him develop and grow.

It’s funny how I could do weekly postings during the pregnancy and getting this post out has been weeks in progress. The #momlife is real guys!


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