Five Things I Learned About Myself After Becoming A Mom

They say you change after having kids. You learn patience or you deem things more/less important than before. There are a few things I have learned about myself in the past couple months. 

1. Patience

This obviously is a big one that most people have to learn after a child comes into their life. Patience to figure out what’s wrong when your child is crying at 2:00am. The patience when you’ve tried everything Google says to do and he is still screaming at you. The patience with your husband when he just isn’t getting that bottle ready fast enough. I’ve always known I had patience with things but the level of patience needed when having a newborn is a level I didn’t know I could reach. 

2. Survive on Little Sleep

I was that person that needed 9 hours of sleep before Franklin arrived. For the first 6 weeks I only got 2 hours naps on repeat. Sleep two hours, feed kid, burp kid, put kid to sleep, pump milk, then back to nap. It was like ground hog day for 6 weeks. I thought the lack of sleep would kill me but surprisingly every time I heard his little cry I was up and ready to take on the next feeding. Eventually my body just got used to having naps that when I did get my first 6 hour stretch of sleep I felt like I could take on the world. Luckily I have a kid that loves sleep so we have already been getting full nights of sleep by 2 months old.

3. The Need for People

I never liked being alone in a house all day. If my husband was working on a Saturday I would make a plan to go out so I wouldn’t be home all alone. So when Franklin arrived and I read that I shouldn’t take him out into public places for two months I almost cried. Okay, I did cry. I only had my husband home for a week when we got back so that’s 7 weeks of just being alone with an infant and a dog. I think I went to HEB with him for the first time when he was 2 weeks old. I just couldn’t stay inside the house. I needed to go out and see civilization. I eventually made a friend who also just had a kid so we would meet up a few times a week for a walk or coffee and that saved me. 

4. SAHM is not for me

I could not be a stay at home mom at this stage of his life. Something I debated before having him.  But, in a month of being home with him I realized I need the structure of having a job to go to. I feel a little crazy even writing that sentence but it’s true.  I realized that I need a routine as much as a kid does. Staying at home all day with him and not knowing what the day had planned would leave me sitting there feeling blah and just staring at his face.  Although that face is the cutest face….I still felt blah. So kuddos to all you SAHMs out there with toddlers and infants, you are my hero. 

5. I Love Being a Mom

Even with all the ups and downs I have gone through in 2 months I realized I love being a mom more than I could imagine. The first moment he looked at me and smiled I could feel my heart grow. I sat there with tears in my eyes and realized that I meant something now. This little boy needs me and I will be there for him every step of the way. I am excited to watch this little boy grow up and I can’t wait to see the man he is going to become. 

I love you Franklin, thank you for being the greatest joy of my life.

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